Thursday, July 31, 2014

Co-authors from hell

Even been on a publishing project or paper when one co-author has never replied to emails,  been completely unreasonable in terms of edits, or who wanted a large slice of the pie in terms of author listing? In particular, have you ever been a student and senior faculty or supervisors have insisted on being a co-author, or even lead author on your paper although they did precious little to help? Did you feel powerless and frustrated?

We've recently published a paper on problems that might arise when publishing, and an idea for an author's agreement, that could hopefully solve many of these conflicts, or at least put you in a stronger position to expel troublesome co-authors from your paper.

The paper itself can be found here

It must have hit a chord with the scientific community as it's already in the top 40 articles (ever) for that journal for social media buzz/shares etc, and it is only in press and not actually properly published in an issue yet.

There is also a blog article on the paper, which you can find here.

For those readers who are scientists, I hope you find the paper useful.

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