Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Blackfish effect - court cases, laws and changing public opinion

This week I will be at the 4th International Marine Conservation Congress (#IMCC4), in St John's Newfoundland. The IMCC meeting is the conference where, as one senior marine scientist put it "all the cool kids go!"

The first of my presentations at the upcoming IMCC is an update on court cases related to captive killer whales (and update of a previous presentation which is also on this blog). The updated material includes details on the new orca captivity bill in California and SeaWorld's announcement that it will not be captive breeding orcas any more.

So for those that could not attend the IMCC meeting, who did go to the meeting and wanted a copy of the slides, or for those who are just plain ole' interested in the topic, here is the presentation.

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