Friday, March 28, 2014

Coming out of the nerd closet

I should have known at an early age, when I was not attracted to Daphne in Scooby Doo, unlike all my hot blooded male friends, that there was something different about me, because I had the hots for ....Velma.

Despite her wearing the same orange outfit all of the time, it was the little nerdy know it all who got  prepubescent me hot under the collar, not the stylish and elegant Daphne. Looking at my later TV crushes reveals a similar pattern - Willow in Buffy, Dana Scully in the X-files. My biggest crush in my formative years was Anne (of Green Gables) Shirley. The imaginative, awkward redhead who got top grades and scholarships, coming first in math while getting into scrapes, and ended up becoming a teacher and writer <Sigh> She was my dream girl. Had I been born a couple of decades later, it would have probably been Hermione Granger. Thinking on it, I realize I've sequentially dated, befriended and surrounded myself with nerdy female friends in a quest to find and hang out with a modern day Anne Shirley or Velma - an impassioned discussion on the behavioral ecology of some animal species ("wow a nudibranch - how cool is that"); a debate on the problems of international marine conservation treaty law; or a science-based joke that you need 6+ years of college to get,  are guaranteed ways to capture my attention, my friendship and, occasionally even, my heart. Others need not apply. Jinkies !

Anne of Green gables Reading Anne of Green Gables...still my beating heart...

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