Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A runner venting

I have the body and physique of a movie long as that movie star is Ricky Gervais. So it may surprise those that know me that I actually run every day (because one cannot be too prepared for the zombie apocalypse). In addition to the exercise, during the week I listen to science or history podcasts and at weekends satirical comedy, so it's a time for learning as well as the fact that  I often get some great ideas while jogging. My favorite running spot is a local wood, which has a circular route that is the perfect length, and sometimes I get to see deer, foxes and other wildlife while running from one woody grove to the next.

But with the sudden advent of sunny days a new creature has appeared in the woods: the "power walker". And by power walkers I mean gaggles of excruciatingly slow strollers in expensive gear (many in full make up), lifting weights that although brightly colored weigh less than my house keys, while simultaneously gossiping at full volume or talking on their phones. Most importantly these gaggles block off the path and force me and other trail users to have to go cross country to avoid them, through muddle patches and hurdling over downed logs, because polite requests to "excuse me" go unheard or are ignored.

Now, I am a big advocate for people to get into and experience nature, but there also needs to be respect and consideration for other trail users - the cyclists, runners, Tai-chiers, dog walkers, meditators, hikers and bird/wildlife watchers. I'm too British publicly rebuke into the "power walkers" for their self centered attitude, but maybe there should be some sort of trail etiquette guide at gate of every park? Or should I just wait until the aforementioned zombie apocalypse to clear the woods of slow moving, conspicuous and oblivious to their surroundings, power walkers for me...  

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