Wednesday, May 9, 2012

To begin at the beginning

Well hello there. Welcome to my blog. Please keep reading. Why should you keep reading? Well let me tell you ...

I'm horribly opinionated, somewhat witty even though I say so myself, adore writing, love to chat to both random strangers and friends, and have far too much stuff floating about on my head for my own good, and occasionally have the odd bloody good idea. So it seemed natural that I should probably start blogging. I also have several friends who blog, some on serious subjects, some just on life stories, one in particular always amuses me, and I've wanting to try it out for myself for a while. So here I am, walking the blogging plank, about to step off the end, hopefully not to fall into shark-infested waters.

I'm a teacher of sorts, and have recently been holding a class on environmental communication. One of the things I tell my students is to have a clear message - what is it that you trying to say? So what will I be writing in this blog?

Haven't the foggiest. But I'm a marine conservation biologist by trade, so there will probably be a certain amount of dolphin-hugging "save the  whale" material. As mentioned above, I'm a teacher, so I expect that I will share thoughts about that. I'm also a huge geek and there may be geeky reviews and ponderings at times, plus this is the internet, the natural habitat for the geek, and so I should pander to my potential audience. Finally, I also travel quite a lot - this year alone I've hiked through jungles, paddled down rivers and climbed ancient Mayan ruins, I'm a veritable Indiana Jones at times, so expect a certain amount of adventure, daring do, and the occasional swashbuckle. Finally, a  good friend of mine recently wrote on her blog "I want stories" about what she looks for online, and I always listen to her advise so I'll try to tell a few tales on the way.

So without and further ado, let's get started ....

P.S. I'm British, so this should be read in a slightly sarcastic English accent for full effect.

P.P.S. For Americans Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins is not speaking in a British accent, no-one in the UK talks like that. Neither do I sound like the Geiko gecko, nor Jason Statham. Try Hugh Grant in "4 weddings and a funeral", that's closer, or even better doing the voice of the pirate captain in "pirates: a band of misfits". Which brings me to my next posting.

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