Sunday, August 26, 2012

I wish I taught at Hogwarts

It’s been nearly a year since the Harry Potter movie and five years since the last book was released. I have to admit that I’m suffering from Hogwarts withdrawal. Despite having health and safety practices that would make the average school administration run screaming (I mean, the health and safety issues in just a game of quiddich, let alone the tri-wizard cup tournament !) the ancient history that permeated Hogwarts bones, and the coziness of the school – four poster beds for students and common rooms with tapestries and roaring fire places.

Perhaps it’s because I went to a British boarding school (although I didn’t board myself), and went to university in the spired ancient, alcoholic gloriousness that is Oxford, and taught at a high school that is probably as close to Hogwarts as one can get without using wands (Christ Hospital School in West Sussex), that I felt at home with the idea of Hogwarts.

 Maybe it’s because I associated with the characters of the books too.  Although I was the spitting image of Daniel Radcliff when I was a tween, I probably associate more with Hermione: the clever, bossy smart-arse, and outsider, whose family background was profoundly different to her classmates. Although being a bit of a class clown, getting into scrapes, and for occasionally being oblivious to goings on, I had/have certain Ron-like tendencies. 

But despite trolls lose in the bathrooms, and basilisks in the basement, Hogwarts had a homey feel that I craved and missed. I wish I was teaching at Hogwarts. The university I’m at lacks the history, class and grandeur of Hogwarts, the student body lacks the camaraderie, familiness and school spirit, the president lacks the wisdom and drive of Dumbledore and the provost lacks the organization, courage and sassiness of MacGonnegal, although we have more than our fair share of Professor Trelawnes, Lockharts, Quirrels and Snapes. Class would also be so much interesting if you could wave your wand turn the student at the back, who’s been watching youtube all the way through class, into a skrewt. 

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