Sunday, June 10, 2012

Got decadence?

Every now and again I have to release my inner Mr Darcy and splurge on the best things in life. It's been a particularly tough couple of months with work and home, and so it was time to have a treat. I'm currently in Panama, waiting for the international whaling commission to start (more about that at a later date), and visiting a possible research location for a couple of my graduate students. But the decadence started at the airport - where I had been lucky and due to some airline shenanigans scored lounge access, and so a breakfast of champagne in comfy chairs was on the cards.

Sadly I didn't blag an upgrade on the actual flights though. At the moment I'm sitting in the lounge of the "penthouse" suite of my hotel in Bocas Del Toro, Panama. And very delightful it is too -  with 2 bedrooms & bathrooms, a kitchen (with not only a coffee maker but fresh beans and a grinder), a 3' TV screen, and a really spacious balcony with a deliciously comfortable hammock (well napped in already). And thanks to some canny deals, this is all less than a standard room at a US chain hotel. So I'm feeling suitably pampered. I've mentioned before my habit of indulging in a bath in hotels, and this one is no exception, in fact it has a whirlpool tub, so soaking in my swirly bubble bath I knocked back a few of the best local beer (made with passion, intense taste says the label in spanish) thjs evening and tried to let the stress of the last couple of months melt away. Jealous yet ?

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